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Is everyone on the same page? Or are you all working on what you think is the right thing. Take advantage of this time to get total alignment on the key goals.

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Extra Value Resource #1: How to start every meeting off positively
Extra Value Resource #2: 30 day Sprint Action Plan
Extra Value Resource #3: Personal Action Accelerator

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Length: 1/2 day


How to start off every meeting positively

Dangers, Strengths, and Opportunities - time to get real

Top 5 goals and outcomes - where do you want to get to?
  • Gain alignment, through a shared participation exercise
Strategy Circles
  • Work as a team to define the obstacles and discover the strategies to achieve the outcomes
30-60-90 Team Plan

30 Day Sprint Action Plan

  • learn how to gain the focus required for next 30 days
  • individualized and integrated into the 30-60-90 day Team Plan
Personal Action Accelerator
  • Individual action plans to start implementing right away when they leave the session

Our facilitators spent thousands of dollars learning these techniques to use them in their businesses - save your team time and money and learn them in one afternoon.

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Workshop locations and conditions should be conducive to openness and learning are important considerations. Due to the nature of the content, participants are required to explore their deeper views and beliefs and to engage in a high level of self-disclosure. The ideal setting is one in which,

We can arrange the session for your location or work with you to select an offsite location.

Note: offsite locations may result in additional costs.

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