Myers-Briggs Conflict Management Workshop

Who Should Attend a Myers-Briggs Conflict Management Workshop?

The Myers-Briggs Conflict Management workshop is suited to all members of an organization or group, from factory floor personnel to senior management, from volunteers to program directors.

Prerequisites for a Myers-Briggs Conflict Management Workshop:


This Myers-Briggs Conflict Management workshop can be delivered in one of three different arrangements:

Sample Agenda - 2 day format with Introduction to Type

Day 1


MBTI® Instrument and Type Background

MBTI® Basics

The Eight MBTI® Preferences: Understanding and Self-Assessing


Exploring Myers-Briggs Preferences Through Activities

Bring It All Together: Best-Fit Myers-Briggs Type

Closing the Session Myers-Briggs Type Basics


Breaking the Ice: Linking My Understanding of Myers-Briggs Type to Me in Conflict

Experiencing Conflict
Describing Conflict

Unique Perspectives Driven by the Conflict Myers-Briggs Pairs

Closing the Session

Day 2

Understanding Conflict Dynamics
Summarizing and Reviewing Conflict Pairs
Overview of the Conflict Management Model
Creating Space
Adding Value
Seeking Closure
Clear Vision and Blind Spots
Applying the Conflict Management Skills Model
Developing an Action Plan

Closing the Myers-Briggs Workshop

Myers-Briggs After Class Support:

After the Myers-Briggs Conflict Management Workshop is completed, additional consulting time can be purchased to help make turn this information and techniques into standard practices.

Myers-Briggs Workshop Materials:

Myers-Briggs Workshop Location:

Myers-Briggs Conflict Mangement workshop locations should provide conditions conducive to openness and learning. Due to the nature of the content of the True Colors Workshop, participants are required to explore their deeper views and beliefs and to engage in a high level of self-disclosure. The ideal setting is one in which,

We can help arrange the meeting for your location or work with you to select an appropriate offsite meeting location.

Note: offsite locations may result in additional costs.

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